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Ref# Part# Description Qty Linhai Code Control Code
1 29659 PISTON (200cc) 1 LH163QML.12-1 1N012000001
2 29564 THE SECOND GAS RING (200cc) 1 LH163QML.12-2 1N012000002
3 29564 THE FIRST GAS RING (200cc) 1 LH163QML.12-3 1N012000003
4 29565 PIN PISTON (200cc) 1 LH163QML.12-4 1N012000004
5 93109 CLIP PISTON PIN 15MM 2 153FM.12-5 1H012000005
6 29524 CRANK SHAFT COMP (200cc) 1 153FM.12.1a 1H01201a0000
7 29564 OIL RING (200cc) 2 LH163QML.12.2-1 1N012020001
8 29564 WAVE RING (200cc) 1 LH163QML.12.2-2 1N012020002
9 93115 KEY WOODRUFF 2 153FM.12-6 1H012000006
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