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LinHai 400-2B IRS ATV
LinHai 400-2B IRS ATV

The new Linhai 400 Sport 4x4 ATV is the perfect all around ATV. Combining sporty elements such as the projector headlights, and two tone seat, with functional racks and On-Demand 4WD makes this machine as functional as it is good looking. With a long list of standard features and a retail price of only $5,295, this ATV is in a class of it’s own. It’s a nimble machine with trail proven independent suspension front and rear, and a responsive throttle thanks to it’s liquid cooled engine.

This ATV has had incredible sales success around the world, and has been named “ATV Design of the Year” in some countries. We are pleased to now offer this proven model in Canada!
The only trouble you might have is convincing your friends and family that something this sporty looking can actually help you with your workload!
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YAMAHA-Linhai products including parts of Linhai Bighorn UTV, Linhai Bighorn 260cc ATV, Linhai Bighorn 300cc ATV, Linhai Aeolus 300 cc Main street Scooter, Linhai Aeolus 260cc Main street Scooter.